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Hardwood floors imply quality and good taste. Today there are limitless choices in both stains and species, including a sweep of exotics. Engineered wood is made of multiple thin plies of hardwood layered in a crisscrossed pattern for dimensional stability. Usually, only the top layer is the show wood, and the other layers are less expensive hardwood or softwood. Layers are glued together under heat and pressure, making the bond stronger than the wood itself and preventing delamination. Wood is a natural product with its own particular characteristics and beauty. There are lots of variations in a floor and no two boards are alike. Variations are part of the beauty of wood. In a national survey, 55% of real estate agents said that houses with wood floors not only add lifetime beauty but are easier to sell and perceived as worth more. Exotic woods from other countries offer distinictive graining and color. They're usually harder than American hardwoods and provide the customer with an heirloom, not just a floor. Other good environmental choices include bamboo, a fast growing grass that's just as hard as North American hardwoods, and cork, which is made from the renewable bark of trees. Cork offers a wonderful natural look, is easy underfoot and requires little maintenance. It can be vacuumed and wiped down with a damp cloth.


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